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Tenaris es una empresa metalúrgica multinacional - multilatina del Grupo Argentino Techint, líder mundial en la producción de tubos de acero para la industria del petróleo.

Tenaris es dueña de varias empresas, entre otras se cuentan las siguientes:

Siderca - Campana, Argentina.
Tamsa - Veracruz, México.
Dalmine - Dalmine, Italia.
AlgomaTubes - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canadá.
Silcotub - Zalau, Rumania.
TuboCaribe - en Cartagena, Colombia.
NKKTubes - Kawasaki, Japón.
Siat - Villa Constitución, Argentina.
Confab - San Pablo, Brasil.
MaverickTubes - Arkansas, Estados Unidos.
Hidryl - Estados Unidos.
SPIJ - Indonesia.

Estas empreas del grupo Tenaris - Techint cuentan con gran cantidad de vacantes que publican en su portal de empleo en Success Factors:

Algunas de las vacantes en Tenaris - Techint son:

36162   ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE   Venezuela   Third Party Services   Local
Auditor - Houston, TX    Select
34922   CORPORATE FUNCTIONS   USA   Sr. Analyst   Local
Automation Project Engineer    Select
31203   ENGINEERING   USA   Coordinator   Local
Automation Project Engineer    Select
28082   ENGINEERING   USA   Coordinator   Local
Business Analyst I - Houston, TX    Select
35043   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   USA   Sr. Analyst   Local
Development Analyst II    Select
31004   HUMAN RESOURCES   Utd.Arab Emir.   Jr. Analyst   Local
Engenheiro de Testes Laboratoriais - Researcher    Select
35742   TECHNOLOGY   Brazil   Sr. Expert   Local
Estagiário de Verão 2014    Select
34863   HUMAN RESOURCES   Brazil   Summer Internship   Local
Field Services Specialist , Kazakhstan, 1    Select
29122   COMMERCIAL   Kazakhstan   Third Party Services   Local
Global Trainee (Junior Engineer) - Zalau,Campina, Calarasi, Bucuresti Romania    Select
32877   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   Romania   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee - Blytheville, AR    Select
32285   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   USA   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee - Houston, TX    Select
23505   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   USA   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee 2014    Select
34862   N/A   Brazil   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee Mill Training Dubai, UAE 1    Select
34889   HUMAN RESOURCES   Utd.Arab Emir.   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee Mill Training, KSA    Select
31542   HUMAN RESOURCES   Saudia Arabia   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Global Trainee – Operation - Italy    Select
31786   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   Italy   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Internship - Health & Safety, Italy    Select
35627   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
Internship - HR Recruitment & Selection, Italy    Select
35605   HUMAN RESOURCES   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
Internship - Marketing DIPR, Italy    Select
36278   PLANNING   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
Internship Administration & Finance, Italy    Select
36062   ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
Internship Marketing DIND    Select
33170   PLANNING   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
Internship R&D - Analisi FEM, Italy    Select
36203   TECHNOLOGY   Italy   Internship No HC   Local
IT Business Analyst I - Zalau, Romania    Select
36267   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   Romania   Sr. Analyst   Local
IT Business Analyst II - Zalau, Romania    Select
36266   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   Romania   SSr. Analyst   Local
IT Integration Analyst - Houston, TX    Select
35042   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   USA   Sr. Analyst   Local
Maintenance Engineering Specialist - Blytheville, AR    Select
34131   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   USA   Specialist   Local
Marketing Analyst , Dubai , UAE 1    Select
29044   PLANNING   Utd.Arab Emir.   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
Materials Planner - Houston, TX    Select
36082   PROCUREMENT   USA   Third Party Services   Local
Mechanical Project Engineer    Select
30302   ENGINEERING   USA   Coordinator   Local
34846   SUPPLY CHAIN   Romania   SSr. Analyst   Local
36464   SUPPLY CHAIN   Venezuela   Jr. Analyst   Local
Process Improvement Specialist - Houston, TX    Select
35923   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   USA   Specialist   Local
Product Warehouse Supervisor - Blytheville, AR    Select
35164   SUPPLY CHAIN   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
Recruitment Specialist, Calgary, AB, CANADA    Select
34984   HUMAN RESOURCES   Canada   Jr. Analyst   Local
Sales Manager - DIPR - Dubai - UAE    Select
34682   COMMERCIAL   Utd.Arab Emir.   Manager   Local
Senior Cost/Financial Accountant - Houston, TX    Select
33662   ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
Shift Supervisor (Threading) - Conroe, TX    Select
35542   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
TALENT DISCOVERY - Global Trainee    Select
33224   INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS   Italy   Global Trainee Program (entry level)   Local
Tax Compliance Expert - Houston, TX    Select
35162   ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE   USA   Coordinator   Local
Technical Sales Analyst    Select
26828   COMMERCIAL   Turkmenistan   Sr. Analyst   Local
Technical Sales Engineer - Venezuela    Select
35682   COMMERCIAL   Venezuela   Coordinator   Local
36128   ENGINEERING   Colombia   Specialist   Local
Tenaris University Analyst I - Conroe, TX    Select
33864   HUMAN RESOURCES   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
Tenaris University Analyst I - Houston, TX    Select
33862   HUMAN RESOURCES   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
Tenaris University Analyst I - Houston, TX    Select
33863   HUMAN RESOURCES   USA   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local
TESA Coordinator Algeria    Select
22486   COMMERCIAL   Algeria   Coordinator   Local
Técnico de Laboratório de Plena Escala    Select
35722   TECHNOLOGY   Brazil   Cluster 1 - Non GT   Local

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